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Fujifilm's Orthopaedics solution:

Redefining frontiers with AI technology


Sustainable and economical product solutions from a single source.

As a holistic solution provider, we can support you with our innovative medical technology and comprehensive portfolio. In addition to our CT and X-ray systems, detectors, workstations and imaging tools, we now also offer MRIs as well as DXA and ultrasound systems. Find out more about our current product highlights for orthopedic clinics and practices on this page!

With over 80 years of experience in medical technology, we can provide you with individual and comprehensive advice. Because in the challenging daily routine of a practice, where every patient demands full attention and appointment calendars are full, efficient workflows and innovative diagnostic tools are indispensable.

Complementing diagnostic findings with artificial intelligence

The BoneView diagnostic software helps you find the right diagnosis. Gleamer’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) specializes in detecting fractures of the upper and lower extremities. This AI can provide valuable clues by automatically marking them on the X-ray image.

  • Detection of minute fractures, effusions, dislocations and bone lesions in trauma radiographs that are inconspicuous at first glance
  • Intelligent worklist for triage and prioritization
  • Easy installation or retrofit with EX-Mobile expansion unit

*30% fewer missed fractures with BoneView

The easy way to access AI software

The EX-Mobile AI Unit is an optional accessory product and a newly developed open platform that provides an integrated operating environment for installing AI software. Its compact and lightweight design allows it to be carried outside the hospital to ensure access to modern healthcare.

  • 30% less missed fractures with BoneView1
  • View unremarkable fractures, effusions, dislocations and bone lesions in trauma radiographs
  • Intelligent worklist for triage and prioritisation
  • Easy to install or retrofit with the EX-Mobile expansion unit

1 Duron L, Ducarouge A, Gillibert A, Lainé J. Assessment of an AI Aid in Detection of Adult Appendicular Skeletal Fractures by Emergency Physicians and Radiologists: A Multicenter Cross-sectional Diagnostic Study. Radiology 2021; 000:1-10

Diagnostics, quality and speed at the highest level.

Fast exams, high-quality images and a smooth workflow – the OASIS Velocity 1.2T has it all. World benchmark wide-open whole-body MRI ever built. The OASIS Velocity adds therapy and biopsy to your demanding MR diagnostics, increasing your productivity and significantly expanding your catchment area.

  • SynergyDrive Workflow ensures efficiency to deliver the fastest patient throughput, best patient comfort and highest image quality.
  • Maximum patient comfort: patient images can be taken on an 83 cm wide table. (maximum load: 660 kg)

Open design offers patients an unrestricted view, especially suitable for claustrophobic patients or accompanied children.

FDR D-EVO III without glass substrate offers more stability

The world’s first glass-free and lightest DR detector with Fujifilm’s patented ISS*2 detector technology. Our D-EVO III detectors are designed without a glass substrate, the most sensitive part of a detector. The resulting improved stability can protect against damage even if the detector is dropped. The low weight facilitates handling, and the detector technology provides high-resolution images, even in the low-dose range.

  • Very lightweight, glass-free and extremely robust detector with higher DQE
  • Stable shell design with optimized shape for improved patient comfort
  • Dynamic Visualization, Virtual Grid and SmartSwitch
  • Fast charging function
  • Antibacterial coating
  • Water and dust resistant housing (IP56)
  • Docking stand for registration, storage and charging of the detector

Fujifilm’s Orthopaedics solution: Redefining frontiers with AI technology