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The recent acquisition of Hitachi’s diagnostic imaging business, which was completed in 2021, has generated a powerful new force in medical imaging, and plays a strategic role in Fujifilm’s plan to become a more comprehensive healthcare company capable of providing highly customized and advanced solutions.

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Press Room

Fujifilm Europe launches new hybrid C-arm and portable x-ray device

FDR CROSS is a flexible, hybrid C-arm and portable x-ray machine designed to offer high quality fluoroscopic and static x-ray images during surgery and other medical procedures. The system can capture both fluoroscopic and radiographic images on a single platform, providing a more efficient and streamlined workflow. Fujifilm Europe will showcase the new FDR CROSS at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR), 13th-17th of July, in Vienna.

The FDR CROSS platform provides advanced fluoroscopic and radiographic imaging, powered by Fujifilm’s FDR D-EVO III digital flat panel detectors in three sizes. The panels are interchangeable and can be selected to meet the changing imaging requirements of a busy hospital. In fluoroscopy mode, the FDR CROSS can capture fluoroscopic x-ray images for real time visualization, while radiography mode provides high quality static x-ray images pre-, during and post-procedure, normally only available with traditional mobile x-ray units. Users can quickly switch between images and imaging type on the same console screen providing a smooth workflow.

The equipment’s lightweight, compact design allows it to be easily incorporated into busy operating rooms, while the addition of omni wheels provides smooth control in all directions during examinations and, making it easy to move around the hospital, between different rooms. The built-in, quick-charge lithium‑ion battery supports eight hours of continuous use between charges, while wireless connection to a foot switch and monitor cart means that the operating room is not cluttered with cables.

Eiji Ogawa, VP Modality Solutions, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs Medical Systems Division at FUJIFILM Europe GmbH, explained: “We are excited to be launching this new imaging solution in Europe soon*. FDR CROSS is entirely designed and made by Fujifilm, and combines our high quality imaging technologies into one portable, flexible cart that can fit into any operating theatre to provide both fluoroscopic and static  imaging in a single solution. Its user-friendly interface is also extremely easy to learn, so operators will quickly be able to benefit from the new equipment.”

FDR CROSS will be available to view at the Fujifilm stand – (#218) – at ECR. Visit for more information.

*MDR CE Certificate pending, FDR Cross is currently not available in Europe

Fujifilm integrates AI software to help identify bone trauma at POC (Point-of-Care)

Fujifilm partners with GLEAMER – a medical technology company – to integrate artificial intelligence into its world-class X-ray imaging systems.

BoneView® is a revolutionary AI software designed to assist radiologists and emergency clinicians in the diagnosis of skeletal fractures. It uses advanced algorithms to detect and localise lesions on X-rays – graphically highlighting areas of interest – before submitting the images to radiologists for validation.  Fujifilm X-ray systems are equipped with a new image processing box called EX-Mobile enabling to connect with BoneView® software. Results are available within 30 seconds at the point of care, providing healthcare professionals with additional support to help improve patient management. 

The user-friendly software can be seamlessly integrated into Fujifilm’s comprehensive x-ray modality line-up, making it perfectly suited to small or remote clinics, pop-up medical centres, nursing homes, up to large multi-function institutions. This will aid medical staff in the rapid identification of patients with suspected fractures, triaging them for further investigation to ease workflows and enhance patient care pathways. A clinical trial involving appendicular skeletal fractures found that BoneView® reduced the number of false positives by 41.9 %, and improved fracture detection sensitivity and specificity.1 These results are supported by another study involving additional anatomical locations, where AI assistance reduced radiograph reading times by 6.3 seconds per patient.2

Richard Cahalane, Product Manager Digital Modalities, FUJIFILM Europe GmbH, explained: “It is  very exciting to be part of this partnership. BoneView® is an extraordinary tool that will assist busy radiographers, radiologists and clinicians to better manage patients at the point of care, adding value for both staff and the patients.”  

Christian Allouche, CEO at GLEAMER, added: “Having Fujifilm on board has been crucial in the development of this product, and to get it in front of the clinicians that need it. AI technologies are becoming increasingly established in the medical sector, and really proving their value. Any medical innovation is about improving the care of the patient, and BoneView® promises to do just that.”

BoneView® will be launched in Europe at the European Congress of Radiology in July. 

Visit for more information.  

® BoneView is a trade mark of GLEAMER


  1. Duron L, Ducarouge A, Gillibert A, et al. Assessment of an AI Aid in Detection of Adult Appendicular Skeletal Fractures by Emergency Physicians and Radiologists: A Multicenter Cross-sectional Diagnostic Study. Radiology. 2021;300(1):120-129. doi:10.1148/radiol.2021203886
  2. Guermazi A, Tannoury C, Kompel AJ, et al. Improving Radiographic Fracture Recognition Performance and Efficiency Using Artificial Intelligence. Radiology. 2022;302(3):627-636. doi:10.1148/radiol.210937

Fujifilm operates over 50 group companies and branches in Europe and employs more than 6000 people engaged in R&D, manufacturing, sales and service, with FUJIFILM Europe GmbH, located in Ratingen, Germany, operating as the strategic headquarters for the region. Throughout Europe, Fujifilm entities serve a range of industries including medical technology, biopharmaceuticals, electronic materials, industrial products, chemicals, graphic systems, optical devices, data storage and all aspects of photography. Over the last 20 years, the company has more intensively focused on healthcare – from diagnosis to prevention and treatment. Today, Fujifilm in Europe provides the entire spectrum of patient care, in addition to research, development and manufacturing in advanced therapies, gene therapies and vaccines, as well as providing cell culture media and regenerative medicine solutions.

For more information, please visit:

FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation, located in Tokyo, Japan, brings cutting edge solutions to a broad range of global industries by leveraging its depth of knowledge and fundamental technologies developed in its relentless pursuit of innovation. Its proprietary core technologies contribute to the various fields including healthcare, graphic systems, highly functional materials, optical devices, digital imaging and document products. These products and services are based on its extensive portfolio of chemical, mechanical, optical, electronic and imaging technologies. For the fiscal year ended March 31, 2022, the company had global revenues of Euro 19,28 billion, at an exchange rate of 131 yen to the Euro. Fujifilm is committed to responsible environmental stewardship and good corporate citizenship.

For more information, please visit:

Exhibits on the FUJIFILM Booth

Digital X-ray

New FDR Cross (WIP)
FDR Nano
FDR X-air
New FDR G80 (WIP)


SCENARIA View system
SYNAPSE 3D Workstation

Innovation hub

New Modality AI (Thoracic, Bone and Surgical  AI workflows)
New FDR D-EVO III G80 Single Longview DR panel (WIP)
New DeepInsight
New iViz wireless
SynergyDrive Automation Suite
Dynamic Visualization II and Virtual Grid advanced Image processing


AMULET Innovality with Tomo Biopsy
AMULET Bellus II Mammography Diagnostic Workstation


New ARIETTA 850 DeepInsight
New ARIETTA 650 DeepInsight
New iViz wireless
ARIETTA 750 Full Option RVS
ARIETTA 65 Women’s Health

Medical Informatics

New SYNAPSE 3D 6.4
SYNAPSE 3D Console mode
SYNAPSE REiLI + AI (Artificial Intelligence - available products and future integrations)
SYNAPSE Mobility
New SYNAPSE Value + BI (Business Intelligence)
New Digital Pathology
Additional integrations

ECR Overture

Interview with Masaharu Fukumoto at ECR 2022

Did you miss the industry interview with Masaharu Fukumoto, Senior Vice President, Head of European Medical, Fujifilm Europe and Chairman of the ESR Board of Directors Prof. Michael Fuchsjäger on ‘taking radiology to the next level with multidisciplinary & integrated technologies for a better clinical value’? Listen in now and find out about Fujifilm’s strategic developments in Europe, and the key projects that will drive the future of radiology.

Spotlight on a new generation of patient-centric MRI

During the ECR Overture, we unveiled the new OASIS Velocity 1.2T truly open high-field MRI with SynergyDrive Automation Suite in Europe following the launch at RSNA 2021. Listen the insights of the first user worldwide Dr. Lawrence Tanenbaum, Chief Technology Officer, Director of Advanced Imaging, Vice President, RadNet Inc. Riverside, Connecticut, United States

Press area

FUJIFILM to highlight the latest advances in radiology at ECR 2022 Overture

Fujifilm to introduce ARIETTA™ DeepInsight™, a new cognitive ultrasound technology

FUJIFILM Healthcare Europe presents ECHELON™ Smart Plus™ with ‘REALISE Plus’

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Fujifilm has been evolving and transforming for more than 80 years to shape the imaging business for the next generations.
Improving healthcare is essential to society. Our healthcare legacy dates to our founding with the manufacture of X-ray films in 1936.
Last year, we added another important milestone in our history as innovators. FUJIFILM Europe welcomed FUJIFILM Healthcare Europe, the former European diagnostic imaging-related medical business from Hitachi.
Together, our mission is to help improve the accuracy of diagnosis and support earlier detection of disease. Together, we will never stop in our efforts to create and innovate for a healthier world.

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