ECR 2022 on July 13-17, 2022

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Fujifilm “ONE-STOP” solution partner for the Healthcare systems

The recent acquisition of Hitachi’s diagnostic imaging business, which was completed in 2021, has generated a powerful new force in medical imaging, and plays a strategic role in Fujifilm’s plan to become a more comprehensive healthcare company capable of providing highly customized and advanced solutions.

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NEW - FDX Visionary RF-Premium

The FDX Visionary RF-PREMIUM was designed to provide maximum flexibility for all types of rooms and for all types of examinations.
The system helps make the patient experience as calm and comfortable as possible.

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NEW - Pediatric Solutions for the world's most unique patients

We’re helping you tackle one of healthcare’s most complex and unique challenges. Safety. Precision. Comfort. Presentation. Protection. It’s everything you expect in a pediatric solution, and exactly what we provide.

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The Harmony version improves women’s comfort and diagnostic confidence

The breast unit room can be transformed into a really welcome place where women can feel at ease, while waiting and during the exam.

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NEW – DeepInsight, redefining the way we see

DeepInsight introduces a cognitive technology which opens a new era in ultrasound imaging.
It is designed to meet the ever-increasing demands for visibility, accuracy, reproducibility and efficiency now available on ARIETTA 850 DeepInsight and ARIETTA 650 DeepInsight ultrasound platforms.

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NEW – OASIS Velocity™, the only truly open high-field MRI with SynergyDrive™ Automation Suite

This powerful open MRI scanner offers high productivity and high patient throughput with uncompromised image quality to add value to radiologists, technicians and department administrators and above all, it opens doors to all patients.

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NEW – ECHELON Smart Plus with ‘REALISE Plus’, an enhancement of the SynergyDrive™ Automation Suite

This superconductive 1.5T MRI boosts extraordinarily high-speed scanning, brilliant imaging across all sequences and an impressive image quality without compromising on patient motion challenges.

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ECR Overture

Interview with Masaharu Fukumoto at ECR 2022

Did you miss the industry interview with Masaharu Fukumoto, Senior Vice President, Head of European Medical, Fujifilm Europe and Chairman of the ESR Board of Directors Prof. Michael Fuchsjäger on ‘taking radiology to the next level with multidisciplinary & integrated technologies for a better clinical value’? Listen in now and find out about Fujifilm’s strategic developments in Europe, and the key projects that will drive the future of radiology.

Spotlight on a new generation of patient-centric MRI

During the ECR Overture, we unveiled the new OASIS Velocity 1.2T truly open high-field MRI with SynergyDrive Automation Suite in Europe following the launch at RSNA 2021. Listen the insights of the first user worldwide Dr. Lawrence Tanenbaum, Chief Technology Officer, Director of Advanced Imaging, Vice President, RadNet Inc. Riverside, Connecticut, United States

Press area

FUJIFILM to highlight the latest advances in radiology at ECR 2022 Overture

Fujifilm to introduce ARIETTA™ DeepInsight™, a new cognitive ultrasound technology

FUJIFILM Healthcare Europe presents ECHELON™ Smart Plus™ with ‘REALISE Plus’

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Fujifilm has been evolving and transforming for more than 80 years to shape the imaging business for the next generations.
Improving healthcare is essential to society. Our healthcare legacy dates to our founding with the manufacture of X-ray films in 1936.
Last year, we added another important milestone in our history as innovators. FUJIFILM Europe welcomed FUJIFILM Healthcare Europe, the former European diagnostic imaging-related medical business from Hitachi.
Together, our mission is to help improve the accuracy of diagnosis and support earlier detection of disease. Together, we will never stop in our efforts to create and innovate for a healthier world.

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