Healthcare providers face unprecedented challenges in today’s fast-paced environment, including consolidation of services and a lack of human resources. As the aging population continues to increase, healthcare centres need to find space to grow and implement new solutions, adopting innovative technologies to support and streamline the workflow while, at the same time dealing with personnel challenges, increasing inflation and energy costs.

Keen to know how our solutions can help you to meet your and your patients’ expectations in more accurate and efficient urology diagnostics? Visit our booth C02 in the Milano Convention Centre (MiCo), in Milan, Italy during the EAU23 congress.

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Dedicated Prostate Applications

  • Our ultrasound systems are designed to make the prostate examination process as fast and precise as possible, by helping you screen, assess, biopsy and treat your patients more efficiently.
  • Choose from a wide variety of probes and features to match the best biopsy approach - from transrectal or transperineal, to systematic, freehand or targeted.
  • Talk to our urology specialists to learn more!

Fusion Imaging Solutions for Urology

  • Get a superior guidance for your interventional procedures in urology, from biopsies to therapy guidance, covering applications such as Kidney and Prostate
  • Combine previously acquired mpMRI, CT, PET-CT with real-time ultrasound and benefit from the strengths of each modality.

Percutaneous nephrolithomy (PCNL)

  • Percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) is today’s standard for removing large or otherwise persistent kidney stones.
  • Our biopsy ultrasound probe helps you precisely locate persistent kidney stones and guides direct access.
  • Watch this video to see the biopsy probe in action!


ARIETTA™ 65 IntuitiveFusion™ ultrasound solution

At EAU22, we introduced our new ARIETTA™ 65 IntuitiveFusion ultrasound system, with ground-breaking innovations in biopsy guidance. This year at EAU23, we are displaying the enhanced version of this One-Cart-Solution.

ARIETTA™ 65 IntuitiveFusion ultrasound solution for prostate biopsy comes with the new intuitive integrated software for prostate image fusion, combining real-time ultrasound imaging with previously acquired mpMRI. Following the latest European Guidelines, this combination delivers enhanced accuracy and detection of suspicious areas with subsequently higher prostate cancer detection.

Our ARIETTA 65 IntuitiveFusion ultrasound solution provides intuitive workflow, rigid and elastic fusion, superior automatic report with biopsy core registration and 3D prostate model to guide future patient management.

Come and see more in our booth C02 !

NEW ARIETTA™ 750 DeepInsight™ ultrasound system

At ECR23, we are launching the new ARIETTA 750 DeepInsight ultrasound system, providing detailed views of tissue structures in countless clinical applications by using artificial intelligence-based technology and state-of-the-art imaging.

Click here to register your interest in ARIETTA 750 DeepInsight ultrasound system!

iViz™ wireless handheld ultrasound system

Our light-weight mobile ultrasound system iViz wireless comes with an automated bladder volume measurement supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Fits every pocket - easy to use whether at the patient’s bedside or at a remote location.

Hold the iViz wireless in your own hands at our booth!

Preoperative simulation with the SYNAPSE 3D workstation

SYNAPSE 3D is a valuable and super adaptive Medical Informatics platform for managing enterprise imaging and information in real time, as well as the diagnostic and clinical workflows. In urology, the SYNAPSE 3D software platform helps making kidney surgery easier by offering a unique solution for preoperative simulation – enabling more conservative surgical procedures.

Find your way to our booth to see examples of applying SYNAPSE 3D in kidney analysis and volumetry!

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