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Energy-Saving MRI Solutions

Cut the cost, not your service: How to perform cost-effective MRI examinations?

You can make a difference – save lifes and cut costs at the same time. Contribute to a healthier society, but also to a healthier planet with MRI examinations that require less power consumption.

There are ways to reduce the power consumption by using MRI scanners that have been optimised to minimise their energy use. We have optimised our high-field superconductive systems with stand-by modes and zero boil-off; while our low-field permanent magnet MRI solutions give you the best blend of resource saving and image quality.

Curious to learn how Fujifilm’s MRI solutions save energy – and money?

Choose the low-field, permanent MRI for saving energy

AIRIS Vento Plus™
Advanced Permanent Open MRI scanner

Looking for strong imaging quality combined with a permanent energy efficient magnet? Our AIRIS Vento Plus Open MRI offers you an affordable system with a patient centric design.