APERTO™ Lucent Plus MRI scanner

Prime Permanent Open MRI scanner with SynergyDrive™ workflow solutions

APERTO™ Lucent Plus MRI scanner

Are you curious on how to balance diagnostic imaging, patient experience and cost?

Our newly released APERTO™ Lucent Plus Open MRI scanner provides an improved experience with easy access and soothing environment for all types of patients. The open design of the APERTO™ Lucent Plus MRI scanner delivers an unparalleled 320° round view for a spacious feeling and a relaxed patient experience.

All of this, and much more for a reliable diagnostic imaging procedure.

APERTO™ Lucent Plus MRI scanner is everything APERTO™ Lucent has to offer plus access to SynergyDrive™ workflow solutions with IP RAPID and AutoExam.

What our Plus has to offer:

  • AI-powered high-speed exams and clear, motion free images
  • Strong diagnostic capacity
  • Easy siting and efficient operation for fast ROI
  • Trusted reliability and service care
  • Open design for maximum patient comfort and relaxed patient experiences

APERTO Lucent Plus MRI scanner is the ideal solution for high-standard outpatient centres and private clinics.
Put patient comfort at the heart of diagnostic imaging- while maintaining a strong return on your investment.

SynergyDrive™ workflow solutions for an easy, fast examination and better patient management

Our SynergyDrive™ workflow solutions improve your MRI examination efficiency by automating, simplifying and accelerating many of the sequences of your MR examination process.

  • A fully automated imaging operation. Just click ‘START’ with AutoExam for efficient and consistent scan results.
  • Automatic slice positioning with AutoPose.
  • AutoClip Machine learning MRA clipping function by removing unnecessary signals after TOF scan.
  • Send images directly to the server with AutoTransfer.

IP-RAPID for short scans and clear images

Benefit from higher image resolution and additional sequences, like DWI – in shorter scan time. Create a clear, high-resolution image for you to make a confident diagnosis. Our unique IP RAPID iterative reconstruction technology is the only one available in permanent systems.
  • High-speed MR imaging with IP-RAPID reduces scan time by 30% as an average while keeping a high image quality (compared to the same sequences without IP-RAPID).
  • Iterative reconstruction process guarantees high image clarity.
  • Cover more anatomy and acquire more information at the same time.

Low total cost of ownership for a fast return of investment

With its durable, space-and-cost efficient MRI system, the APERTO™ Lucent Plus MRI scanner with its permanent magnet is your best choice.

  • The permanent magnet maintains its high performance during its lifetime.
  • No cooling system and no equipment room necessary.
  • Small footprint with only three units: the gantry, the console and the power station.
  • Green system with a maximum 5kW power consumption for low running costs.
  • Low TCO with excellent, fast return on investment.

Strong technology for a reliable performance

The APERTO Lucent Plus MRI scanner is built on strong, durable and reliable hardware – particularly the permanent magnet for easy handling.

  • 0.4T permanent MRI scanner with a vertical field and open one-pillar design with a 320° view.
  • Strong gradient with 25 mT/m max. strength and 55T/m/s max. slew rate.
  • Fully motorised patient table with 240 kg weight limit, 15 cm left/right movement in gantry and the ability to lower to 49 cm.
  • Highly sensitive solenoid receiver coils – especially effective for orthopaedics.


Flex Body Upper Coil
GP Flex Coil
Head and Neck Coil
Open Head and Neck Coil
Foot and Ankle Coil
Breast Coil
3 Inch Coil
9 Inch Coil
Shoulder Coil
Wrist Coil
Knee Coil
WIT Spine Coil
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Clinical Gallery

Study of arteriosclerotic cerebral infarct. IP-RAPID speeds up the total study time with 7 sequences to 20 minutes. DWI with b-value 800 and automatic ADC Map calculation shows effected brain tissue in 3 planes- axial, sagittal and coronal.
Brain study of cerebellopontine angle tumor with IP RAPID – 4 sequences in 9 minutes.
Brain MRI scan with standard sequences, DWI with automatic ADC Map calculation and 3D TOF angiography. IP RAPID reduces total examination scan time to 14 minutes – 43% reduction in comparison to non-IP RAPID study.
3D TOF angiography with IP RAPID allows scanning wide range of anatomy in standard examination time.
Spine MRI scan with IP RAPID and 6 different scan contrasts in 13 minutes. FatSep Myelography precisely depicts nerve roots.
Spine MRI examination with IP RAPID – 4 contrasts in 10 minutes, so more than 50% time reduction comparing to standard non-IP RAPID study.
Knee MRI routine examination with IP RAPID – 5 contrasts in less than 13 minutes, so more than 50%-time reduction comparing to standard non-IP RAPID study.
Knee MRI routine examination with IP RAPID and extra Plus sequence – 6 contrasts in 15 minutes, so 44%-time reduction comparing to standard non-IP RAPID study.
Shoulder MRI routine examination with IP RAPID – 6 contrasts in 16 minutes.
IP RAPID technology in body imaging. Aorta BASG without and with IP RAPID. Prostate MRI examination with IP RAPID – 6 contrasts in 18 minutes.
Hips MRI routine examination with IP RAPID – 6 contrasts in 7 minutes.
IP RAPID can be used with FatSep multi-contrast sequences. 2 contrasts (T2 and T2 fat suppressed) with IP RAPID in 3 minutes.
IP RAPID allows high resolution scanning – sub-millimeter voxels and 3 mm slices in less than 5 minutes.
Single mouse click brain MRU including AutoPose for automatic slice positioning, automatic analysis for DWI and AutoClip for MIP 3D TOF angiography.
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