Healthcare providers face unprecedented challenges in today’s fast-paced environment, including consolidation of services and a lack of human resources. As the aging population continues to increase, healthcare centres need to find space to grow and implement new solutions, adopting innovative technologies to support and streamline the workflow while, at the same, time dealing with personnel challenges, increasing inflation and energy costs. Discover our dedicated cardiovascular ultrasound solutions at the EACVI 2023 congress: The ARIETTA™ 650 and 750 DeepInsight™ ultrasound platforms, aside with our LISENDO™ 880 ultrasound system and all the 4D TTE and TEE Matrix transducers. Visit our booth A400 in Hall 8 of the Fira Gran Via convention centre, from 10 to 12 May 2023. Talk to our experts to learn how we can support you in the complete clinical cardiac assessment of your patients!


Hemodynamic analytics

Heart failure is a prevalent medical condition and often comes along with hospitalization – impacting quality of life as well as healthcare costs. Now you can detect very early signs of heart disease with information gained from our hemodynamic analytics. This specialised package visualises and assesses cardiac blood flow from various angles, so you can base your decisions on grounded, clinical data – for accurate prognosis and patient treatment.

Discover how Artificial Intelligence can empower your cardiac examination with our HDSI. Fuelled by Big Data, your system automatically works for you in the background – detecting the best frames, conducting key measurements and accelerating your scan. Complex and time-consuming tasks become simple – leaving you to focus on diagnosis and treatment decisions.

Add comprehensive clinical information with our high-power 3D/4D package and high-resolution 3DTEE and 3DTTE probes. Realistic ultrasound images help you look closely at cardiac anatomy and detect even small anomalies. Then you can analyse the data later on and conduct more detailed measurements for structural heart disease and valvular pathology cases.


ARIETTA™ 650 and 750 DeepInsight™ ultrasound systems

Fujifilm's ARIETTA 650 and 750 DeepInsight ultrasound systems provide detailed views of tissue structures in countless clinical applications by using artificial intelligence-based technology and state-of-the-art imaging. EACVI 2023 is the first cardiology congress where we present both the ARIETTA 650 and 750 DeepInsight ultrasound systems that can help you in detecting heart conditions at an early stage.

  • Our cutting-edge DeepInsight technology is based on Artificial Intelligence, and delivers clear images of the cardiac anatomy.
  • The DeepInsight technology reduces the noise in the apex area, allowing a clearer visualisation of the heart.
  • Combine this with our very sensitive LVeFLOW to visualise the myocardium border.

    Learn more about the DeepInsight™ technology by visiting this page - and have a deeper look at the ARIETTA 650 and 750 DeepInsight ultrasound systems at our booth A400!
  • LISENDO™ 880LE ultrasound system

    The LISENDO 880LE ultrasound system is FUJIFILM’s premium 3D/4D diagnostic tool for cardiologists in any clinical setting, designed to be a true one-system solution for adult, paediatric and fetal heart patients. It redefines the vision for cardiac ultrasound by providing exceptional clinical performance combined with state of-the-art analysis and features.

    The LISENDO 880LE ultrasound platform features:
  • Pure Image to attain remarkable fundamental image quality in cardiology, achieving more reliability during diagnosis and treatment.
  • Your Application to reach a most sophisticated visualization of the blood flow patterns and its mechanisms as well as an impressive display of 4D cardiac images.
  • Seamless Workflow, ensuring high user operability by applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to significantly improve examination efficiency.

    Meet the LISENDO 880LE ultrasound system and talk to our cardiovascular specialist at our booth A400!
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