Automation Suite

Streamlined workflow for high-speed examinations

Make your diagnostic imaging operations more productive

Our SynergyDrive Automation Suite improves your MRI examination efficiency by automating, simplifying and accelerating many of the processes. From the moment your patient enters the room, this technology supports you in everything from positioning them inside the MR system, to setting imaging parameters, to scanning and archiving, right through to the end of the scan.

Why have we optimized the MR examination process?
Because we want you to...

  • Focus on your patient, not the procedure.
  • Easily and quickly handle your exam operations.
  • Improve your patients’ overall experience.
  • Boost your productivity with higher patient throughput.
  • Prevent scanning failures and deliver consistent results.

Ready to cut your MRI examination times in half?

With MRI reimbursement schemes under increasing pressure, you need a system with high patient throughput and minimal running costs. SynergyDrive Automation Suite helps you achieve this by accelerating the entire workflow from patient positioning to diagnosis. In fact, your average examination time can shorten up to half!

Fast and consistent results make your life - and your patient’s - easier.

Automatization and simplification of your processes will save you time, energy – and money. It will improve the experience of your patients and staff. And it will deliver more consistent imaging results, thus increasing the confidence of your diagnosis.

How does SynergyDrive Automation Suite accelerate your MR examinations? Well..

  • The operator has maximum flexibility for positioning patients of all sizes with the Workflow Integrated Technology (WIT) Coil System.
  • It conducts the whole examination with just one click, from slice positioning to scanning, automatic post-processing and image transfer with AutoExam.
  • You can perform high-speed scanning based on iterative reconstruction using IP-RAPID.
  • Scan planes are automatically positioned based on machine learning for higher consistency thanks to AutoPose.
  • It conducts fast, automatic post-processing of angiography exams using Auto Clipping.
  • Images are sent directly to the server with AutoTransfer.

Clinical Gallery

SynergyDrive helps you throughout the entire patient journey, from entering the room, to positioning inside the MR system, to setting imaging parameters, to scanning, archiving, and the end of the scan.
Spine and brain MRI exams are quick and easy with super-efficient coils. The head holder and spine coil can remain on the table, which means that less steps are needed for patient positioning.
IP-RAPID reduced the scan time of this brain MRI from nearly 17 minutes down to just 4 minutes.
You can scan larger areas in the same amount of time with IP-RAPID.
Whole Spine MRI exams can be conducted quickly with IP-RAPID fast scanning and FatSep - delivering two sequences with the same scan.
AutoExam saves you time by performing the whole examination with just one click - from slice positioning to scanning, automatic post-processing and image transfer.
AutoPose automatically positions scan planes for brain and spine MRI based on machine learning for higher consistency. You can select up to 5 positioning presets for MRA, DWI, T2, etc.
With AutoClip, you don’t have to do manual clipping ever again. The delineation is automatic, for fast post-processing of angiography exams.
AutoTransfer sends the scanned images directly to the DICOM server once the scan is completed.
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