Shear Wave Management (SWM)

Bringing reproducibility and reliability to Shear Wave Measurement

SWM can be classified as a Point Shear Wave Speed Measurement according to the guideline of the World Federation for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology (WFUMB), and measures Shear Wave Propagation Velocity (Vs).

SWM features the display of a reliability indicator (VsN) for the Shear Wave Propagation Velocity measurement (Vs) and automatically makes multiple Vs measurements within a Region of Interest (ROI) with a single button press. The percentage of correctly detected measurements is displayed quantitatively as the efficacy rate (VsN).

In summary, reproducibility and reliability are the key issues for shear wave measurement.

SWM offers:
  • Reproducibility of Vs values by multiple measurements from one button push.
  • More accurate measurement results with the success rate displayed as a reliability indicator – VsN.
  • A reduction in the overall total number of measurements necessary
  • Automatic capture of B-mode image, automatic store and averaging of multiple measurement values support efficient workflow.


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