SCENARIA View Focus Edition
Discover the premium version and its cardiovascular functions

In cardiac CT examinations, the various factors of heart rate and heart movement affect image quality. With conventional image reconstruction methods, unfocused coronary arteries and artifacts caused by motion could occur, resulting in images without the expected quality, which could affect the diagnosis. 

To improve these problems, Fujifilm developed Cardio StillShot, which calculates the direction and amount of movement of the subject in four dimensions based on the raw data collected during cardiac CT examinations, and corrects it during image reconstruction to achieve an effective time resolution of 28 msec. The high effective time resolution contributes to improved diagnostic capability by providing high-definition focused clinical images with less motion artifacts even in patients with a high heart rate.

  • Reducing radiation exposure during cardiac CT utilizing AI technology

Applying IPV, which utilizes Fujifilm’s AI technology, to cardiac CT realizes high image quality with lower noise and maintained texture even in low tube voltage imaging and at low radiation doses. Cardiac CT imaging has become even more accessible.

  • IntelliCenter

A spacious 800 mm aperture is achieved with the SCENARIA View Plus. In addition, the bed has a 200 mm lateral range of motion, allowing the imaging site to be positioned at the center of the scan FOV, which improves the spatial resolution. IntelliCenter brings the examinee closer to the center of the FOV. The Scenaria View Plus redefines the fundamentals of CT imaging.

  • CardioConductor

This is a function that captures the heart rate range during breath-holding practice and automatically calculates the imaging conditions and image reconstruction conditions based on ECG waveform data. The operator can easily check whether the automatically calculated imaging conditions are appropriate or not with the displayed time resolution graph. The condition setting modes include auto, semiauto, and manual, which can be selected according to the purpose.

  • IntelliEC Cardiac

This function sets the modulation of X-ray radiation dose based on ECG information. It reduces radiation exposure in cardiac CT examinations by imaging the cardiac phases other than the resting phase of the heart with a low X-ray dose. Since the modulation of the tube current can be set to up to two phases, it can also be set to match the resting phases of mid-diastole and end-systole.

Advanced Imaging for Capability and Growth

This solution not only delivers natural, clear image textures at lower dose levels than ever before; it also comes with the industry’s widest bore design – and an innovative automation package that improves your productivity and patient throughput.

  • Iterative processing technology Intelli IPV enables low-dose exams with no compromise on image texture – ideal for all your clinical challenges.

  • The open design with an 80cm-wide bore eases patient anxiety.

  • Places target regions in the FOV centre thanks to a patient table that slides 20cm to the left and right.

  • Provides great patient access and positioning options – enabling interventional CT procedures.

  • Enhances productivity and patient throughput with SynergyDrive Automation Suite, an automatisation suite for patient positioning, protocol selection, high-speed image calculations and post-reconstruction.

It all starts with patient comfort

The more relaxed your patients are, the clearer their images – which leads to more accurate diagnosis and treatment decisions. That’s the simple philosophy behind SCENARIA View CT scanner: the ideal blend of clinical functionality and patient comfort.

  • Industry-leading 80cm wide bore eases patient anxiety and accommodates obese patients and children.

  • Allows flexibility of scan positions thanks to a spacious design.

  • Enables patients who struggle to raise their arms to be scanned with their arms by their sides (like the obese, elderly or trauma patients).

  • Puts target regions in FOV iso-centre for the best resolution thanks to a patient table that slides 20cm left and right.

  • Suitable for patients up to 250 kg.

  • Central control panel manages all operations of the table and the gantry.

  • Patient instructions on 15” touch monitor in various languages, including a version for children.

Flexible specifications and easy settings

  • Max. scan speed of 0.35 seconds for routine, high-speed protocol scanning.

  • 40mm detector coverage.

  • 64 discrete detector row & electronics, with 128 slice Fine Recon.

  • X-ray tube: 45 MHU equivalent.

  • Generator: 72kW standard, 84kW optional.

  • Easy siting with only three modules (gantry, table, console).

  • EcoMode reduces standby power consumption by up to 70%.

  • Remote application support to help optimize protocols or train technicians online with SENTINEL™.

  • Remote maintenance support delivers automatic notification of anything suspicious via SENTINEL™ – maximising your uptime.

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