Streamlined workflow for high-speed examinations

No more sacrifice on image quality to keep scan time short

With our new innovative technologies, you do not need to fear that short scan time will result in poor image quality. Everyone benefits when the patient stays shorter in the scanner. As a result, the images are clearer and motion-free. It will be up to you to decide if you want to add an extra sequence or schedule more patients.

We have found a solution to reduce scan time and maintain excellent image quality.

Our REALISE Plus delivers 2D and 3D images up to 67%* faster while maintaining high image quality. The innovative noise suppression method used through the whole imaging process, from acquisition and iterative reconstruction with IP-RAPID to REALISE Plus signal enhancement allows you to not only maintain the image clarity and details but enhance it within the same scan time.

The REALISE Plus technology allows you to:

  • Increase your workflow and scan more patients
  • Add sequences or even unscheduled and urgent examinations
  • Cover more anatomies without increasing scan time*
  • Perform short breath-hold studies with excellent quality
  • Put patient comfort first
  • Benefit from higher image resolution and shorter scan times during each study
* compared to same sequences without REALISE Plus, depending on scan conditions.

REALISE Plus means clear images without noise

With the combination of our new innovative signal-to-noise ratio enhancement and ultra-short scan time, we are now able to offer clear, high-resolution images to ease confident diagnosis. By combining multiple noise suppression methods, REALISE Plus can increase the signal by up to 46%* compared to images without REALISE Plus or allow to reduce scan time by 67%*, to selectively increase coverage or resolution. It’s up to you to choose how you wish to use REALISE Plus.

* compared to same sequences without REALISE Plus, depending on scan conditions.

Mix and matchspeed, quality, and silent scanningfor increased patient comfort

Noise can be the biggest challenge during an MRI examination and can add stress to patients. With REALISE Plus, you combine Speed, Quality, and silent scanning SoftSound* to get clear images without motion artefacts combined with a positive patient experience. REALISE Plus does it all, patient satisfaction, improved diagnostic possibilities and increased workflow to ease your daily routine.

* it may differ from system to system