Real-time Virtual Sonography (RVS)

Visionary Fusion Imaging of ultrasound and CT/MR Imaging

The novel advanced imaging mode, Real-time Virtual Sonography (RVS), positions FUJIFILM in the multidisciplinary diagnostic and interventional fields of urology, radiology, internal medicine, gastroenterology, oncology and surgery.

The Real-time Virtual Sonography (RVS) displays the real-time ultrasound image simultaneously with the corresponding CT or MRI virtual multi-planar rendered view reconstructed from a stored volume data set.

Benefits include:

  • Increased diagnostic confidence
  • Direct comparison of lesions, using different imaging modalities
  • More precise monitoring of interventional procedures without additional radiation exposure
  • Compatibility with B-mode, colour Doppler, dynamic Contrast Harmonic Imaging and Real-time Tissue Elastography modes cost-effectiveness and time-efficiency