Across Europe, Fujifilm teams are stepping-up a unique patient-focused initiative to donate instax cameras and film to help share the smiles of doctors and nurses working on the frontline of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Left to right: [1-2] Healthcare workers at Florence Nightingale Group Hospitals, Turkey and [3] Azienda Socio-Sanitaria Territoriale (ASST) di Vimercate, Monza, Italy

Due to the Coronavirus, healthcare workers caring for COVID-19 patients are required to wear a significant amount of personal protective equipment (PPE). In many cases, this means that doctors and nurses treating patients have to obscure everything but their eyes. This can be scary, intimidating, and confusing to patients – and healthcare teams have been searching for new ways of sharing their face behind the mask.

Utilizing the ease and simplicity of instax instant photography, Fujifilm have stepped up to help medical staff identify themselves on their PPE by donating instax cameras and film. This has meant doctors or nurses can now effortlessly take a photograph and quickly attach a credit card-sized instant photo print of themselves to their hospital gowns.

Hiromoto Matsushima, Senior Vice President Photo Imaging, FUJIFILM Europe GmbH commented:

Donating instax cameras and film is just a small way in which Fujifilm is able to help – but to both healthcare workers and patients, we’ve been told that by being able to easily show the friendly face behind the PPE, it can help bring comfort and understanding in the most difficult of situations.

The instax products donated so far have been prioritized to healthcare teams working in intensive care units and critical care on the Coronavirus frontline. To date, approximately 120 instax cameras and 7,500 instax prints have been sent to hospitals in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Turkey, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Russia, France and Denmark.

Each Fujifilm business in Europe has a limited number of these packs available and healthcare teams on the frontline with should contact their local Fujifilm Corporate Communications representative.