FDR Cross™ Hybrid C-arm and Portable X-ray Solution

Our FDR Cross C-arm provides a single solution for Fluoroscopic imaging and radiographic image acquisition.

It's unique tilting tube head and removable detector design provide significantly greater freedom of imaging efficiency, compared to conventional configurations of a separate C-arm and mobile X-ray machines.

Fluoroscopy Mode Use as a C-arm digital fluoroscopy system during surgery. Up to 17” x 17” FOV fluoroscopy mode.
Radiography Mode For static X-ray image acquisition before, during and after surgery, the DR panel can be removed from the panel holder (a separate DR panel can also be used).


  • Built-in quick-charge lithium battery
    for up to eight hours of use when fully charged (mains power can be connected when the battery is low, or extended use is required)
  • Wireless connection to the footswitch and monitor cart, eliminating the risks of cable management in the operating room
  • Detachable detector panel holder for simple and efficient exchange of detector
  • Switch between panel sizes to perform a wide range of surgical examinations and procedures
  • Conventional antibacterial coating on the C-arm and control surfaces
  • Fujifilm’s antibacterial Hydro Ag coating on “high touch areas” of the control panel and the handswitches
  • Weighs only 249 kg (10% lighter than traditional mobile C-arms)
  • Reduced width and length for easy positioning
  • Omni wheels for smooth all-round movements in small spaces
  • Wide 83cm C-arm opening for improved access

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Please refer to the operator manual/Instructions for Use and the related documents for appropriate use of this product.
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