ECHELON™ Smart ™
MRI scanner

The enlightened choice for high-field MRI

How smart is your MR imaging?

Our ECHELON™ Smart™ 1.5T MRI scanner tackles your Radiology challenges head-on. It delivers versatile clinical capabilities with clear images and measurements for qualitative and quantitative diagnosis – and at a reasonable cost.

  • SmartCOMFORT for patient-friendly MRI scans, with less noise, plus non-contrast imaging.
  • SmartQUALITY for consistent image quality with advanced features for fat suppression, plaque evaluation, hemodynamics, neurovascular imaging, and many more.
  • SmartSPEED for high patient throughput with SynergyDrive™ software, our automation software that reduces scan time while maintaining high image quality.
  • SmartSPACE with a small footprint and flexible layout options.
  • SmartECO to minimise your power usage – reducing both your ecological and economical impact.

Welcome to the ECHELON Smart MRI scanner.
Make your MRI exams even smarter.

SmartCOMFORT for exams that put your patients and operators at ease

ECHELON Smart MRI scanner makes the whole-body examination process more comfortable. For your patients that means silent scans without the need for earplugs or contrast injections. Meanwhile your operators benefit from automated exam processes – and remote application and service support around-the-clock.

  • Reduced noise levels decrease patient anxiety without prolonging scan time or compromising the image quality thanks to SoftSound.
  • Image complex hemodynamics without injecting your patient with any contrast agents – via BeamSAT TOF or VASC-ASL, for angiography, perfusion and diffusion imaging.
  • User-friendly with various fully automated features and easy-to-use functions.
  • Remote application support to help optimise protocols, train technicians – and control the entire exam online with SENTINEL™.
  • Remote maintenance support delivers automatic notification of anything suspicious via SENTINEL™ – maximising your uptime.

SmartQUALITY imaging for the whole body

ECHELON Smart MRI scanner gives you exactly what you need most to make confident decisions: clear and precise images with high diagnostic value.

  • Equipped with multiple sequences to tackle all your clinical MR imaging challenges.
  • All around RADAR imaging to reduce motion artefacts.
  • Quantitative mapping of iron dispositions and plaque with SIR Map and T2* Map.
  • Various fat suppression methods with minimised influence of magnetic susceptibility – like STIR, FatSep, H-Sinc or Water Excitation.
  • A wealth of advanced imaging features like IP-RAPID, TIGRE, ADAGE, TRAQ, FLUTE, VASC, BSI and isoFSE.
  • Individual shimming per patient for a uniform magnetic field, outstanding image quality and increased patient comfort with HOSS.

SmartSPEED for faster examination time and greater patient throughput

Improve your exam efficiency by means of automation, simplification and acceleration. ECHELON Smart MRI scanner delivers quick and consistent results, high image quality, increased patient throughput – and ultimately, a better patient and user experience.

  • Automatic slice positioning with AutoPose.
  • Multi-channel coils for easy positioning and fast scanning with WIT (Workflow Integrated Technology).

SmartECO for energy efficiency, plus SmartSPACE for installation flexibility

ECHELON Smart MRI scanner is designed for efficiency. It uses less electricity, requires less space, and even comes with long cables for added flexibility.

  • Low energy consumption with zero boil-off, less heat discharge and Power Saving mode.
  • Compact design suitable for small rooms, with long cables that can connect to equipment rooms further away.
  • 1.5 Tesla superconducting MRI scanner.
  • Powerful RF chain with 18kW.
  • Powerful gradient with 33mT/m max. strength and 130T/m/s max. slew rate.
  • 50cm FOV in all axis.
  • 16 channels receiver coils for the highest sensitivity.
  • Fully motorised patient table with multiple coil connectors.


Flex Body Upper Coil
GP Flex Coil
Head and Neck Coil
Open Head and Neck Coil
Foot and Ankle Coil
Breast Coil
3 Inch Coil
9 Inch Coil
Shoulder Coil
Wrist Coil
Knee Coil
WIT Spine Coil
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Clinical Gallery

Brain MRI scan of sub-acute cerebral infarction, imaged with non-contrast TOF and BSI (Blood Sensitive Imaging).
Brain MRI study imaged with non-contrast ASL (Arterial Spin Labeling) perfusion and multi-voxel CSI spectroscopy.
Vascular MRI scan of bilateral internal carotid artery stenosis and plaque, diagnosed with non-contrast TOF and quantitative SIR Map option.
Cervical spine MRI scan of syringomyelia with T2, T1 and STIR standard sequences.
Lumbar spine MRI scan of herniated disc using MultiContrast FatSep sequence.
Shoulder MRI scan of a rotator cuff tear, imaged with ADAGE and MultiContrast FatSep.
Knee MRI scan of medial meniscus horizontal tear in standard sequences.
Ankle MRI scan of a sprain, imaged with MultiContrast FatSep.
Abdominal MRI study of intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm (IPMN) in free-breathing, respiratory and breath-hold sequences.
ECHELON Smart Vascular MRI portal vein kidneys arteries.
Female pelvis MRI study of endometrial cancer, diagnosed with post-contrast Dynamic TIGRE and MultiContrast T1 FatSep.
Male pelvis MRI study of prostate cancer, imaged with MultiContrast FatSep technique.
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