FDR D-EVO III™ G80i Digital X-ray Detector

Light, Easy Positioning, Fast Exams

Simplify the workflow lightweight, wireless portability and single exposure long length views


Single exposure and easy positioning

Our FDR D-EVO III G80i Digital X-ray Detector’s 17″×31.5″ field of view simplifies positioning for a variety of patient and anatomy sizes. The workflow is enhanced by capturing the entire whole spine and other long views in a single exposure. Instant capture reduces chances for patient motion artifacts and retakes compared to multiexposure DR imaging.

Excellent Mobility

  • Lightweight, thin design allows easy handling and positioning
  • Utilize existing longview CR cassette holders and stands
  • Light portability and wireless battery operation – easy to carry and move from room to room

Flexibility for OR and ER

  • Long wide field of view simplifies trauma imaging in the ER.
  • Wireless connectivity to the console for easier workflow in tight OR and ER environments.

Improved Handling

High-Level Protection

  • Fluid Protection ensures reliability and protenction from body fluid accdents.
  • Hydro Ag antibacterial coating for longer-lasting higher intensity antibacterial effect, preventing bacterial growth.
  • High durability with lightweight against localized deformation and bending.

Versatile Functionality

LED indicators provide easy visualization for positioning guidance and device status information at a glance, even from a distance
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Easy-to-read battery status display for easy visibility of battery status at a glance.
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Internal memory for independent imaging
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Remote imaging can be performed with just panel and console – wireless access point is no longer needed.
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Easy sharing between systems simply by pressing the button on the back of the panel.
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Advanced Image Processing

  • Virtual Grid processing corrects for the effects of scatter radiation.
  • Dynamic Visualization II optimizes image quality with intelligent 3D feature and exposure data recognition technology

Option to Connect X-Mobile with AI-CAD Software

EX-Mobile*¹ is a compact, lightweight optional accessory that provides the operating environment to install the software such as AI-CAD software*² at the technologist console to display the analysis result in images received from AI-CAD.
The console display is not for diagnosis purpose, it enables users to see the analysis result and send it to PACS. FDR D-EVO III G80i with EX-Mobile connect with AI-CAD Software FDR D-EVO III G80i Console Advance EX-M1(Ex-Mobile)

Powered by *¹ Use of EX-Mobile functionality requires images to be trimmed to 17 × 17 inch size or less.
*² AI and CAD software applications vary and are sold separately from EX-Mobile.

Visualize the whole body

🔆 High quality images
🌫️ Seamless workflow
🏃 Fast examinations
🦾 High throughput
😊 Happy patients