CT Technologies

SynergyDrive™ Automation Suite for high-speed examinations

Our SynergyDriveAutomation Suite improves your CT efficiencyby automating, accelerating and simplifying key processes. Get quick and consistent results coupled with high image quality – and increased patient throughput. The result: a better patient and user experience.
Intelli IPV™ Technology for low-dose scanning 

Our innovative Iterative Reconstruction Technology overcomes a conventional IR weakness by maintaining the natural texture of the image. Find the perfect balance of low-dose, low-contrast scanning and high image quality.
HiMAR Plus™ Technology for metal artefact reduction

The HiMAR Plus Technology detects corrupted data from metal implants and replaces it with values from uncorrupted areas. You’ll get clear, high-quality visualisation of the underlying structure and surrounding tissue – with no need to increase dose levels.
Dual Energy Technology for material decomposition 

Now you can set two different kV energy levels and obtain two data sets in every CT slice from the same examination. You’ll get detailed clinical information on different substances simultaneously – to dive deeper and improve your diagnosis.
Eco-friendly solutions for people and planet

If you’re looking to save energy (and money), our systems feature low power consumption, with no water cooling – and an EcoMode.