FUJIFILM was the first company to put the MATRIX CMUT (Capacitive Micro machined Ultrasound Transducer) into practical use, using the next generation silicon wafer technology.

By applying a matrix arrangement of CMUT cells, and thanks to the Ideal acoustic matching to the human body, 4G CMUT is able to achieve a narrow beam slice thickness. Moreover, multiple elevational focal zones in the CMUT cells allow to optimize the beam width and sound depth so that a high spatial resolution can be achieved.

4G CMUT offers a one-probe solution for whole body imaging, using FUJIFILM’s advanced technologies to further enhance confident diagnoses.

HdTHI+ eFocusing


Real-time Tissue Elastography

The wider bandwidth of the 4G CMUT is fully taken advantage of Tissue Harmonic Imaging mode to attain detailed resolution with Improved penetration. Additionally, synthesis of signals from multiple transmissions Improves S/N and reduces focal dependency. 

With eFLOW’s flow mapping technology, superb spatial resolution can be differentiated from tissue with less blooming. Additionally, it offers enhanced sensitivity for detection of low velocity flows and is effective for detailed morphological observation.

This strain Imaging technique displays a colour map of relative tissue stiffness in real time. It can be used to Improve diagnostic confidence in the differentiation between benign and malignant lesions.