Discover The Benefits

Upgrading your Aperto Lucent and Airis Vento systems with MRP Plus.The ultimate solution for increasing productivity & Improve Patient Safety.

Increased Output

Shorten the payback period and serve more patients efficiently.


High-Field MRI capabilities

Providing advanced diagnostic imaging


Quick Support

Seamless upgrade with minimal disruption to your operations.


The Dream Upgrade of Aperto Lucent and Airis Vento

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Meet Rising Patient Demands

With more patients and rising productivity needs, Fujifilm offers the ideal upgrade to help you manage increased demand and ensure the safety of those relying on you for healthcare..

Enhanced Diagnostic Capabilities

Enhancing your diagnostic abilities attracts and retains more patients from public and private insurances, giving you a competitive edge.

Considered an Upgrade or Upscale?  If you’ve been evaluating whether to upgrade or upscale your systems, MRP Plus offers a comprehensive alternative that meets your needs without the hassle

Enhance Efficiency and Imaging with Fujifilm's MRP Plus

This system is tailored to help you keep up with growing demands effortlessly. Its streamlined processes and advanced features enable you to cater to patients in time ultimately boosting your practices efficiency and performance.

Smooth Transition with Fujifilm Expertise

Experience a transition with the expertise of our Fujifilm team. We handle everything from dismantling your system to setting up the MRP Plus ensuring minimal disruption during the upgrade process. Leave the details to us so that you can focus on providing quality care for your patients.

Enhanced Imaging Services​

Distinguish your practice by offering imaging services, with MRP Plus. By upgrading to this system not will your diagnostic capabilities improve, You’ll also make your practice more attractive to both patients and healthcare providers giving you a competitive edge in the market.

Ready to Upgrade?

Take the first step towards enhancing your diagnostic capabilities and maximizing your revenue. Contact our team to learn more about the MRP Plus upgrade and how it can benefit your practice.