The NEW ECHELON SYNERGY MRI system prioritizes
workflow, quality and capability

FUJIFILM Healthcare is committed to advancing MRI globally for all communities. The NEW ECHELON Synergy MRI system is built to meet these needs with siting flexibility, low power and zero helium consumption, ultra-fast exam times provided by IP-RAPID and Synergy DLR, and a very attractive low total cost of ownership.

  • Low power consumption and small footprint for flexible siting.
  • FlexFit coil technology provides comfortable imaging for patients and excellent image quality for clinicians.
  • AutoExam and One Touch Operation reduces operator workload and enhances workflow.
  • Ease of use imaging platform to aid in increased throughput.
  • Experience IP-RAPID and Synergy DLR for accelerated imaging using parallel imaging technology combined with deep learning reconstruction for fastest acquisition in all anatomical regions including body, neuro and orthopedic.

Advanced Imaging for Capability and Growth

ECHELON Synergy delivers more data faster with AutoExam and One Touch operations while Synergy DLR optimizes image quality and minimizes scan time.

  • Automated workflow is standard with AutoExam, AutoPose and One Touch Brain and Knee
  • DLR reduces noise and enables short exams
  • Synergy DLR delivers 5-minute brain exams that demonstrate our commitment to excellent image quality
  • AI powered by REiLi merges human experience and AI technology
  • Sensitive multichannel RF coil technology adjusts to all patients

Fast Scanning for the smallest of patients

Children can be intimidated walking into a MRI suite, but with Echelon Synergy’s ultra-fast scan times those fears can be eliminated. Echelon Synergy delivers clinical benefits to aid in getting the pediatric patients done right the first time.

  • RADAR motion compensation retains image quality while minimizing artifacts due to patient motion
  • Fast scanning with Synergy Deep Learning Reconstruction – 50% scan time reduction over previous generation 1.5T
  • Blanket coils deliver quality imaging with comfortable positioning
  • SoftSound™ gradient technology reduces acoustic noise

Population aging comes with challenges, Imaging shouldn't be one of them

Many senior patients have physical and mental limitations that can make an MRI exam a challenge. ECHELON Synergy eradicates these obstacles.                        

  • Table lowers for easy accessibility
  • Motion-compensated RADAR translates into excellent diagnostic sequences even with difficult patients
  • Light-weight blanket coils allow for quick and comfortable positioning
  • RF coil technology designed for a wide range of body types
  • Custom pads provide comfort and stability

Neuro Imaging

High resolution and excellent diagnostic performance raises the bar on image quality. Standard IP-RAPID technology combines parallel imaging, undersampling  and iterative processing to reduce exam time and boost resolution. Patient positioning is a snap and the streamlined user interface and automatic integrated coil element selection enable technologists to quickly maximize patient throughput.

  • Sensitive multi-channel RF coil technology adjusts to all patients
  • FlexFit Neuro coil offers patient comfort with open-designed coil and tilting
  • IP-RAPID iterative processing and undersampling reduce scan time
  • Higher Order Active Shimming (HOAST) and regional shimming deliver optimal RF fat saturatio

Dual Touch Panels for Operator Convenience

With features including dual intelligent gantry monitors, multiple languages, and One Touch scanning, Synergy is well suited for the most challenging of patients.

• Multiple on-gantry controls to reduce operator task load
HydroAG+ applied to on-gantry touch panels to supress growth of bacteria and microorganisms
Visual guidance of patient positioning, coil connections and patient name, DOB, weight
• AutoExam One Touch operation automatically starts exam after scan room door is closed
Multiple languages to ease patient anxiety by using their native language


Clinical confidence

Consistent excellent Image quality with the highest resolution and fastest scan times to increase productivity. From head to toe, Echelon Synergy 1.5 Tesla MRI has clinical capabilities for all your patients. Technologists will embrace the new One Touch scan and radiologists can rely on high-quality images to make a confident diagnosis.

Next generation MRI scanner by Fujifilm will be a workhorse at your business. Echelon Synergy delivers clinical confidence and will exceed your expectations.

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Please refer to the operator manual/Instructions for Use and the related documents for appropriate use of this product.
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